Insulin Status Is Important Determinant Of Weight Reduction On Vascular Function

While obesity confers serious health concerns and increased all-cause mortality, the vast majority of deaths are due to cardiovascular causes such as ischemic heart disease and stroke. Researcher prospectively followed 208 overweight or obese patients (BMI ?25 kg/m2) receiving medical/dietary (48 percent) or bariatric surgical (52 percent) weight loss treatment during a period of approximately one year. They measured plasma metabolic parameters and vascular endothelial function using ultrasound at baseline and following weight loss intervention, and stratified analyses by median plasma insulin levels. They found that individuals with higher baseline plasma insulin levels (above median >12 uIU/ml), who had greater than 10 percent weight loss had significantly improved brachial artery macro-vascular flow-mediated vasodilation and micro-vascular reactive hyperemia. In contrast, vascular function did not change significantly in the lower insulin group (?12 uIU/mL) despite similar degree of weight loss.
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Report: Mazda Targets 700-pound Weight Reduction for Next Gen Miata

The reduction in fuel consumption for its models would mostly come from a reduction in weight for its next generation models and reduced dimensions of its vehicles (with a few rare exceptions, when a next generation of a vehicle is introduced, it is often larger and heavier than the model it replaces). Mazda is looking to remove an extraordinary amount of weight from the next generation MX-5 (better known as the Miata in North America). The NC (third generation) Miata isn’t exactly a pig, as it weighs 2,480 pounds with a 5-speed manual and 2,511 pounds with a 6-speed manual. However, this is over 300 pounds heavier than the NA (first generation) Miata which tipped the scales at 2,116 pounds. According to The Car Connection, Mazda’s current goal for the next generation Miata is to cut weight by 720 pounds. That would put a base Miata at just under 1,800 pounds — an almost unheard low for North American market vehicles.
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High-end Natural Skin Care Products I Adore

First Impressions Skin Care


Once upon a time, natural skin care products werent able to hold a candle to mainstream skin care products when it came to efficacy. Times have changed and many natural brands offer products with anti-wrinkle and anti-aging benefits. I have tried and tested products from dozens and dozens of brands over the years and am going to share my top ten favorite LUXURY natural skin care brands. If you think that you just wont be able to have natural products that are also luxurious, there is no need to worry! You can still be pampered while avoiding chemicals.
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Get the best from your Drugstore: The 10 best anti-aging products

Louis “I have had only two facials so far, and Derm Exclusive my skin is noticeably different & my skin is more smooth and evenly toned than I have ever seen it. Billie was by far the most gentle with extractions than any esthetician I’ve worked with. By far the most relaxing facial I have ever had! I have never felt so pampered! I treated my office manager to a facial by Billie.
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Anti Aging Skin Care For Women Over 60

Keep the skin hydrated is crucial to slowing down the aging process of the skin. Just as your body cannot survive for very long without water, your skin cannot survive very long without moisture as well. There are 3 primary levels of the skins structure. The outermost layer or the Epidermis has cells that take approximately 30 days to reach the surface and those cells should be plump and full of moisture. The next layer underneath the Epidermis is the Dermis, where the levels of Collagen and Elastin are giving your skin it’s elasticity and strength, preventing sagging and giving your skin that ability to not only stretch but to bounce or spring back into shape as well.
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